"I was doing some research on conversions, wondering if they were really worth pursuing.  A few months ago, I ordered a 1952 Les Paul from Jim Weyandt @ Jam City Guitars and kept it.  I'm really impressed by Jim's woodworking abilities & the time, detail & attention he puts into these.  Since then I've purchased a 2nd conversion from Jim & put a deposit down on a 3rd.  They're works of art that sound, feel & play great.  And why shouldn't they?  OLD WOOD!!"

Ed King
Original member, Lynyrd Skynyrd
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee 2006


"Back in the Spring I had the privilege of playing Duane Allman's original 1957 Les Paul Standard at the "Big House" in Macon, GA. Even though I own an original 1958 Les Paul Standard, I have always wanted a 1957 Goltop. First off, my wife wasn't ever going to let me cash in a mutual fund to get a 1957, so that plan was out! I owned a 1955 that had a professional neck repair and refret, a great guitar. After playing Duane's in Macon, I started thinking the 1955 would be the perfect guitar to turn into a Standard with 1957 appointments. Two of my friends, Ed King & JD Simo, turned my onto Jim's conversions, and the next thing I know, Jim and I were talking back and forth.

I have had the 1955 conversion for over a month now, it is a great guitar. I am impressed with Jim's workmanship, the painstaking detail, and probably most of all, his ethics. Besides a great luthier, Jim is a good guy to boot! I can't say enough good things about Jim's work, but hopefully my conversion can say what I can't. Stay tuned!!"

Greg Martin
The Kentucky HeadHunters


Hey there, JD Simo here. I am, as some may know, a vintage nutcase!! I am one of those guys who like a hotrodder can do with a vintage rod, can tell if screws are original, the "poker chip" looks right, notice if the weather checking looks suspect or can't wait to get under the hood and see what the date codes on those pots are!! Haha. I LOVE IT!!

Every once in a blue moon I come across something or someone that is special in my ongoing and compulsive vintage quest. In this case, it's someone. I first was turned on to Jim's work by my good friend Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrd fame. First I played one of his conversions. I was very impressed but paid not much mind. Then a few weeks later I played another one. Just as impressed!! As the saying goes, 3rd times the charm! I played a third conversion of Jim's and for literally the first time ever I was dumbstruck that all 3 of these guitars where awesome! From the same builder!! Now granted they where originally built by those cherished craftsman in MI in the 50's but Jim's unbelievable level of vintage correct detail work and his constant striving to improve his craft show in every instrument he puts out of his shop. His technique's, materials and talent are supreme! Never have I been so impressed. Also he happens to be one of the greatest guys you'll ever meet.

If a conversion is on your mind, there's only one place to go. JAM CITY!!!

JD Simo


"I have played the guitar for 39 years professionally and otherwise.  I studied guitar at The High School for the Performing andVisual Arts in Houston, and at North Texas State University in Denton Texas.  I have been in the music business as well operating www.tejastubes.comI have also enjoyed collecting and playing the best guitars and amplifiers I can find both vintage and new construction.

A few years ago I started a journey on the quest for the best sounding and playing Les Paul I could find. I bought (and sold) many Gibson custom shop Les Pauls of all different kinds including limited editions, and signature models.  Almost all of the Gibson guitars which I bought left me disappointed.  Either they had significant problems in how they played or the sound and tone was lacking.
I also bought and sold and played many guitars built by Max (max Les Paul), Gustavsson,  McInturff,  Underwood, Tyler, Marchione, GVCG,  Gil Yaron,  etc.  So needless to say I spent a lot of time and money on my tonequest, and along the way I became acquainted with Jim Weyandt of JamCity guitars.

I didn’t buy a guitar from Jim at first although we discussed it many times, and he helped me in many ways on my quest for the Holy Grail of tone, as well as help me sidestep many expensive potholes along the road. Well this last year we started talking again, and he mentioned a Duane Allman Les Paul conversion which he had completed. I was a bit reluctant at first but he assured me I had a 48 approval period and he was sure I would be happy.

Well the Duane is an incredible instrument, and every time I pick it up I think to myself “Jim Weyandt has built the perfect Les Paul conversion”.  The guitar has incredible tone and sustain and Jim is meticulous in his execution, and faithfulness to the original 1959 specs when doing his conversions.  When you pick up the guitar you can tell he has poured his love and passion for the Les Paul guitar into what he has created, and he really cares about tone.  Although my Duane conversion cost more than the Gibson custom shop models I bought, it is absolutely worth every penny I paid and more!  The Max Les Paul replica I previously owned cost more and doesn’t even come close to the Duane conversion.  I consider my Jam City guitar built by Jim Weyandt to be one of the best investments I have ever made in a musical instrument, and my quest for the “Holy Grail” Les Paul has come to a happy ending.  

Joshua Syna


"The '59 Burst Replica that Jim built arrived tonight and after playing it for about three hours I feel compelled to write a report.

I currently own a 2007 Gibson 1960 reissue that I've played for about two years and I really like it. It has Sheptone PU's, real Bumble Bee's and a nice set up by Andy Brauer. I've never owned a real burst but I have played and owned many high quality guitars including a 50's Les Paul, D'Angelico, Kohno, most vintage Gibson's and Fender's. I've been playing for about 45 years, have a Masters Degree in classical guitar, have written five guitar books, composed many film and TV scores and cues and I'm a sound supervisor by trade. My point is that I thought I knew a good guitar when I played one.

I expected the two Les Paul's to feel and sound very similar. I would have been happy with a 10% difference as I really liked my Gibson. What I discovered is that there's a huge difference. What I thought was a good sounding guitar now pales by comparison. I lifted the replica from it's case and grabbed it around the lower frets with my left hand. I brushed the strings at the bridge and I could feel the entire neck vibrating. The guitar felt like one piece of wood.

Jim's replica sustains forever and has a much, much wider range of tones. There are many tones that I've never heard from one Les Paul before. The low notes are tight and clear. It can get a woody, hollow midrange tone and a snappy highs. I played it thru a CAE OD-100, a blackface Pro Reverb, a Glaswerks SOD II, an Ampeg GU-12, a Marshall and a Quinn SDO. When played thru a overdriven amp the notes ring clear and cut thru. It still retains it's character. The difference is not subtile. It's a big difference! By comparison, the Gibson sounds dull and muddy. The David Allen Tom Cat Zebra PAF's are hotter than the Sheptone's and at first I thought I wouldn't like them. I realized that they just widen the palate. They still clean up nicely but can get much hotter. My favorite setting is both PUs on with the tones rolled back slightly. I'm able to get so much variety by blending the volumes against each other.

One last thing... it's really comfortable. The neck is just right, the setup is perfect and the quality is pristine.

Anybody want to buy a 2007 Gibson 1960 reissue? I have no use for it anymore.

Jim...thanks so much!"

Robb Navrides | Supervising Sound Editor
Desperate Housewives, The Secret Circle


"Having owned a 59 and played dozens of others over the years, I have to say your builds are just amazing! The guitar unplugged was so vibrant and rang out with volume and sustain! I had to remind myself to plug in! Once pluged in I was not prepared for the flashback to the days of my original 59! The subtle changes in volume, with each one a new dimension to the guitar! The bridge pickup at low volume clean bright and with volume increase took me into Bluesbreaker zone ! Just great sustain and top end! On the neck pickup fat warm chords with out a mushy E,A and D! The best comping sound for Jazz or Blues and turning up the volume was a singing tone not unlike Live at the Fillmore(Allman Bros.) and I was just amazed at how well the guitar worked with pedals! Every amp I plugged in to loved your build! Anyone who has ever wanted a 59 or has had one and foolishly sold it(like I did) will be so thankful for your 59 Build! I know I am! Best regards."

Jeff Williams!


"I absolutely LOVE my Jam City Guitar!! The first thing that blew me away was the fit and finish of the guitar. It is nothing short of impeccable. The attention to even the most minutest of details shows through out the entire build. From the first strum I was amazed at how balanced the guitar was. The clarity and richness in tone is like no other guitar that I have ever played! I can't wait to order another one from Jim!"

Nick Hill
Worship Leader

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